Go Green with Bamboo Products for a Sustainable Lifestyle

by Simeon Nikolov on April 21, 2020

In your quest to live an eco-friendlier lifestyle and eradicate nonbiodegradable plastic from your everyday products, turning to bamboo is a wise choice. An ever-increasing array of products are now created from this fast-growing plant. The next time you head to the store or go shopping online, look for natural bamboo instead of cotton, wood, or especially plastics.

Is Bamboo Really More Environmentally Friendly?

Unlike wood from trees that takes many years or even decades to produce, bamboo is a grass that grows relatively quickly. With proper farming techniques, harvest can happen much more regularly – within 3 to 5 years for maximum growth. This makes its use for things like bamboo toothpicks obviously better.

Besides quicker growth, bamboo does not use as much water as other crops like cotton and does not need chemical pesticides or fertilizers. The cultivation of bamboo is undeniably more sustainable then the types of materials it can easily replace.

At the end of a product lifestyle, the eco-friendly aspects of bamboo are also obvious. Unlike plastic, which plagues every corner of the world and is found on top of mountains all the way to the bottom of the sea, bamboo biodegrades naturally over time. It even produces more oxygen and absorbs more carbon dioxide than similarly sized plants.

What Type of Bamboo Products Exist?

With all these amazing benefits going for it, you undoubtedly want to get in on the bamboo product boom. We agree that it is the best sustainable material possible for many things you use every day. You can choose bamboo cotton swabs, facial rounds for makeup application, straws, and more. We also offer bamboo dental floss to help cut down on the plastic waste that goes into the world. Bamboo facial pads give you excellent cleaning capabilities to help your complexion glow.

Bamboo products range from the practical to the decorative, include soft fabric bedding and clothing, are ideal for baby toys and other products, and have even hit the construction and home decoration industries. This quick-growing plant presents a wealth of versatility when it comes to creating the types of things that you use every day or want to enjoy for a lifetime.

Bamboo is an amazingly sustainable crop that grows with less water, no pesticides or fertilizer needs, biodegrades completely unlike plastic or many other man-made materials used commonly today. Explore the possibilities in our product lines and enjoy shopping with confidence of knowing you are doing your part to create a more sustainable and greener future.

For all our technological know-how, the human race is not yet discovered a way to get rid of all the plastic we pour into the environment. Even the smallest products can have serious effect on the world as they build up over time and do not go away. When it comes time for you to make your next purchase, focus on sustainability, low resource use, and biodegradability. The answer to everything from building materials to toothpicks is bamboo.