Personal Care

Personal care and care for the environment no longer have to contradict each other! With our selection of plastic-free, biodegradable, and sustainable private hygiene products, you can make the best lifestyle choice - responsible for both yourself and the planet.

In this category, you will find an abundance of high-quality bamboo creations made to respond to your daily needs and participate in all of your maintenance rituals. From unbleached bamboo toilet paper to bamboo cotton buds and facial pads - we've designed an out-and-out journey for you to switch to natural alternatives swiftly and successfully.

All of our picks will come to you in recycled paper packaging and a full guarantee for a perfect user experience. In addition, they are free of dyes, chemicals, or plastics, thus proving suitable for daily use for babies, children, and adults with skin sensitivities.

Major transformations form within the little details - so let's bring the change together!

Personal Care

BOONBOO Cotton Swabs | 400 Count Bamboo Cotton Buds | Plastic-Free | Biodegradable & Sustainable


BOONBOO Toilet Paper | 100% Bamboo | Unbleached 8 Rolls | 3-Ply 285 Sheets | Sustainable & Renewable | Plastic-Free & Tree-Free


BOONBOO Cotton Swabs | 200 Bamboo Cotton Buds | Plastic-Free | Sustainable & Biodegradable


BOONBOO 1000 Cotton Swabs | 5 Boxes Of 200 Bamboo Cotton Buds | Sustainable & Biodegradable | Plastic-Free & Zero-Waste


BOONBOO Reusable Make-Up Removal Pads | Facial Rounds for Makeup Removal | 18 Pads + Laundry Bag | Bamboo and Cotton Fiber | Sustainable & Biodegradable | Plastic-Free