BOONBOO Cotton Swabs | 600 Count Bamboo Cotton Buds | Plastic-Free Plant-Based Wrap | Biodegradable & Sustainable


BOONBOO Dental Floss | 100FT/30M Bamboo Charcoal Woven Fiber | Refillable Glass Bottle Dispenser with Cutting Lid | Teeth Flosser with Holder


BOONBOO Dental Floss Refill, Bamboo Charcoal Woven Thread, 8 Heads , Mint


BOONBOO Dental Floss Refill | Bamboo Charcoal Woven Fiber | Candelilla Wax | 2pcs of 100FT - Total 200FT


BOONBOO provides 100% bamboo products to customers with moral responsibility to OUR planet. Bamboo is a great replacement for plastic products, which do not biodegrade for hundreds of years. At Boonboo, we strongly believe that our products are not only great for the Planet but also great for the economy.

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