About Us

The Current State of Our Planet

As our planet grapples with climate change, environmental degradation, and plastic pollution, we must create innovative solutions to lower our carbon footprint and find alternatives to wasteful single-use products.

The environmental problems that we are facing right now are the result of decades of irresponsible consumerism. Natural resources are being depleted and renewable resources are being used at a rate that far exceeds their ability to replenish themselves.

Human activities are overexploiting Earth’s natural resources and destroying the environment at such a rapid pace that something must be done to reverse the negative effects on the environment.

We are facing an enormous problem that requires innovative solutions. The rise in plastic production over the years has generated a staggering amount of plastic waste – over 8.3 billion tons since the 1950s and there are no signs of slowing down.

What’s even more alarming is that there’s a shift away from durable plastics to single-use disposable plastics, which means that we are throwing away more plastics than ever before. If this worrying trend continues, we’ll all be drowning in plastics.

This has got to stop.


Introducing BOONBOO

In our desire to make a significant impact in this world, we have formed BOONBOO in 2014 in Chicago, Illinois. Our mission is to create biodegradable and sustainable products using alternative resources and materials to eliminate our over-reliance to plastics.

Our deep commitment to the zero-waste advocacy drives us to find viable alternatives to numerous consumer products made of plastic or use plastics in their packaging.

We are proud to say that our business also serves as a platform to inform and educate people about sustainability, zero-waste, social responsibility, fair trade, and ethical and eco-friendly products.

Part of our mission is to spread awareness about the impact of our purchases on the environment. If we can persuade people to make small but meaningful changes in their purchases and consumption, then it’s a win for the environment.

No change is too small for this endeavor. Even small changes can make a significant impact—enough to spark a plastic-free revolution.  


The Bamboo Solution

We believe that bamboo is the green solution to the world’s plastic problem. As a low-carbon material with a tensile strength comparable to steel, bamboo is now being used to build various infrastructures and facilities in many countries.

But the versatility of bamboo opens up endless possibilities to create sustainable products that have low-impact on the environment. At the consumer level, we have created plastic-free products that are 100%    biodegradable.

With creativity and innovation, we are able to offer green essential products that are safe for you and safe for the planet. We made sure that the resources we use can easily be acquired and replenished. We’ve partnered with ethical bamboo growers to ensure that

Bamboo also paved the way for us to search for other renewable materials that we can use sustainably to build our product line. Under our BOONBOO line, we have developed, bamboo cottons swabs, bamboo dental floss, bamboo facial pads, bamboo toilet paper, and bamboo straws.

As we continue our journey and advocacy towards a plastic-free world, we will keep making green products from sustainable resources to give more options to consumers who want to lessen their carbon footprint.


Zero Waste

We believe that Zero Waste is possible if every business embraces the responsibility of sourcing and managing materials in ways that minimize their environmental impact. This means that the activities of the businesses will not create harmful discharges, pollution, and waste to our land, air, and water.

BOONBOO recognizes that Zero Waste starts from product design and goes all the way through the entire product’s life cycle. We run our business with Zero Waste principles is mind. This is why our products are well-thought-out so that we don’t create waste from the beginning of the manufacturing process up to the end of the product life. 

Zero Waste is not just about recycling and reusing; it encompasses sourcing, production, packaging, consumption, reuse, recovery, and composting. Businesses have to rethink their processes and the materials they use to achieve Zero Waste.

If we continue to create green products, it will be much easier for consumers to live the Zero Waste lifestyle.  They’ll find more items they can use to replace single-use plastics. Together, we will begin to make small but meaningful changes that will have a positive impact on our planet.



The modern-day lifestyle values convenience and expediency and they factor quite significantly in how products are being produced and packaged. We live in a world where plastics are an essential part of day-to-day life. Plastics are everywhere and they are almost impossible to avoid—from drinking bottles to food containers to cutlery to cups to plastic bags; they’re all single-use and disposable.

Disposable plastics are produced to be used one time and then thrown away. This results in more than 300 million tons of plastic waste per year which end up in landfills, incinerators, lakes, and oceans. This has severe consequences for our health and our environment.

Most of our time, energy, and resources are being directed to clean up efforts and managing plastic waste. The sad truth is that plastic production continues to rise.  If this disturbing trend persists, plastics would account for twenty percent of the global oil consumption by 2050. This then contributes to the depletion of global oil supply, which could devastate world economies.

We believe in taking a proactive approach to the colossal problem of plastic pollution. By creating plastic-free bamboo products as substitutes for plastic items, we can slow down plastic production. With a wider awareness of the issue, consumers can switch to plastic-free essential products. With more people adopting a Zero Waste and plastic-free lifestyle, there will be less demand for plastics.

What’s very encouraging is that the countries are waking up to the problem and they are starting to get their acts together. Governments are adopting policies that reduce the use of single-use plastic. They are banning certain plastic products and introducing levies. At the same time, they are offering incentives for recycling and reusing.

At the consumer level, by supporting BOONBOO products, you are helping in the fight against plastic pollution. Plastic-free products can be reused, and since they are biodegradable, they will decompose and will not add to the landfills and oceans.

Even the smallest things can create a big impact when an advocacy becomes a movement. BOONBOO supports plastic-free and Zero Waste movement.



Tree-free products are the result of creative and innovative minds who are looking for real solutions to the problem of deforestation and forest degradation. Conventional paper products contribute significantly to global deforestation. 

Rainforests are vanishing at such a rapid pace because millions of acres are lost every year due to the manufacture of countless consumer products that use wood and wood by-products. Wood pulps and wood chips are used to produce paper and paper products as well as home construction materials. These activities are the main drivers of deforestation.

It takes at least 35 years for a tree to grow so even if more trees are planted to replace those that were used for commercial purposes, they still wouldn’t be used until many years later. Our overdependence to trees and forest products is destroying our rainforests and if we don’t find a way to decelerate deforestation, we’ll have to deal with devastating consequences.

BOONBOO offers tree-free products using renewable resources that are also biodegradable. By using bamboo products, you are reducing your carbon impact and helping save the environment from total destruction.  


Biodegradable & Sustainable

Here at BOONBOO, we take pride in how our products are made.  We source the best materials to give you the best quality biodegradable products that are perfect substitutes for disposable single-use plastics. Among the materials that can be substituted for plastic, wood, or steel, bamboo emerges as the best natural raw material, not just for its durability and flexibility, but also because of its sustainability and environmental benefits.

Bamboo grows extremely fast that the shoots emerge out of the ground and grow limbs and leaves in about 60-90 days. Some bamboo species have been found to grow up to three feet every 24 hours. Unlike trees, which take 35 years to grow, bamboos takes only about three to five years to fully mature. This means that whatever is harvested can easily be replaced.

Bamboo is also 100% biodegradable. Products made of bamboo can be disposed of and they will break down and not end up floating in the ocean or clog the landfills.

We have built fantastic relationships with partners who share the same vision as ours in providing biodegradable and sustainable products to consumers. We make sure that every step in our supply chain process is ecologically sound, economically viable, and socially just.

We work together to create a sustainable production process following ethical and environmental standards.   We partner and collaborate with people who recognize that as businesses, we have the moral responsibility to our environment.

There’s more work to be done but we are determined to make a positive impact through our sustainable products and environmental advocacy.