How to Swap Out 4 Single-Use Plastic Products with Bamboo

by Simeon Nikolov on April 23, 2020

Single-use plastic is out and saving the environment is in. Each year enough plastic is thrown away to circle the Earth not once but four times. Swapping out everyday products you use can help combat the rampant plastic waste occurring in society. Bamboo products are a great resource. Here are four common plastic products that you can replace with a bamboo alternative.


  1. Bamboo cotton swabs

Between hygiene, makeup, and cleaning, how many cotton swabs do you think you go through a year? For most people, it’s hundreds and with billions on Earth, that’s a lot of waste. Switching to bamboo cotton swabs means you’re not putting any cotton buds in the landfill. These swabs are 100 percent biodegradable and made from sustainable bamboo. Feel confident that you’re producing nature from any dyes, chemicals or plastics.


  1. Bamboo drinking straws

Reusable drinking straws are all the rage! You may have noticed over the past couple of years that restaurants stop putting straws on your table unless requested or that certain fast-food restaurants and coffee chains have redesigned their cups, so straws aren’t necessary. Straws are one of the worst single-use plastics out there because of their frequency of use. In the foodservice industry, hundreds of thousands of straws are used daily. However, if you like to use a straw, don’t worry! There is a solution.

Bamboo drinking straws provide a way for you to stop using single-use straws. They’re tasteless and odorless but serve as the ideal vessel for water, juice, hot chocolate, smoothies, cocktails, and more! If properly cared for, they can last for years. Be sure to keep them clean with the included cleaning brush.


  1. Bamboo toothpicks

Not only are these toothpicks made of sustainable bamboo, but the travel container they come in are too! Whether you use them to clean your teeth or serve fruit and veggies, they’re entirely guilt-free. While bamboo toothpicks aren’t an excellent “reusable” tool, they’re biodegradable, and you won’t have to worry about them sitting in a landfill long after your lifetime is over!


  1. Bamboo facial pads

Skip the makeup remover wipes in favor of bamboo facial pads. These pads remove makeup, creams, dirt, and cleanser while leaving your skin soft and smooth. They’re made from natural and sustainable bamboo fibers and cotton, which makes them incredibly environmentally friendly. There are no harmful chemicals or plastics used. You can also rewash your bamboo facial pads to use time and time again. A laundry bag comes with the kit. Use them all and then wash them when you’re ready. Easy to carry with you wherever you go!

Final thoughts

Ready to order your own? Boonboo provides simple, daily solutions on how to become greener in your life. These multipurpose products can negate the use for single-use plastics that overwhelm landfills. Oh – and don’t forget their eco-conscious packaging! They’re environmentally friendly through and through. Visit here for more information.